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Are you looking for a loan? Let us help you find one! At Find A Loan Today, we have over 25 years of combined experience in searching for the right financial product for you!

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Why Choose Us?

Searching for a loan can be a tedious, lengthy and time consuming process. Often, people that need a loan don’t have that kind of time to spare. That’s where we step in. Once you’ve completed our quick and simple application form, we will use our leading software and bespoke technology to match you with loan providers that are the most likely to accept you, to fund the loan you need ASAP. We don’t want you to spend hours making dead-end applications, we want to save you time and get you the best product to suit your needs.

We'll save you time

We do the legwork for you! You could get your money much faster by using a broker like us. Our knowledge of the industry means we can point you in the direction.

Better chance of approval

We use advanced technology to figure out if you’re more or less likely to be accepted by each different lender, depending on their individual criteria.

Large choice of lenders

Our network of lenders is huge, so we will most likely be able to find options that you might not have found yourself. You may get access to options you may not get elsewhere.

What is Find A Loan Today?

Find A Loan Today is a broker, not a direct lender. A broker is like a middle man, but the best kind! A broker won’t lend you money directly, but will find someone that will, using years worth of experience and industry expertise. We do the hard work of collating all the best lenders into one place. We can then take your unique application, review your personal details and requirements, and provide you with a variety of options to suit your needs. 

I have bad credit, can I still get a loan?

Yes, you can! We understand that things happen in life that we can’t always anticipate, and this can cause a negative impact on your Credit File. But we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Did you know that when an item of credit is reported to your file, it stays there for years? A lot can change over several years, and we don’t think it would be fair to judge you based on your finances in the distant past. Neither do the lenders that we work with. All lenders have different criteria, but generally as long as you have a stable income, and can afford repayments, we can almost guarantee that there’s a lender out there who can help you with what you need.